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Why to Align Your Sales Strategies to Marketing and Branding

by Carmella D'Acquisto
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When looking for ways to increase revenue, many manufacturers have focused solely on sales. But sales, marketing and branding alignment is a long term strategy that can increase your revenue by 34%. Manufacturers have more potential to improve their bottom line by strategically aligning marketing and sales departments. This synergy can result in a more seamless buying experience for your customers, external support to help sales in the field, an improved customer experience and more.

Each department (and truly, each person in each department) perceives your company and your value a little differently.  This can send mixed messages throughout the team and even flow out to external confusion. The closer aligned their perspectives become, the more aligned your brand will be — externally and internally.  By working closer together, sales, marketing and branding can support one another’s initiatives while growing clearer and more consistent in how they represent your brand.

When those departments are in alignment, messaging becomes more consistent, marketing becomes more powerful, sales processes are streamlined. The combination results in your brand becoming more trustworthy.

Tap Into Sales Insights

Sales teams are full of really great insight about the impact and importance of your products and services in the lives of your customers. While every manufacturing department plays a pivotal role in serving your customers, sales teams often serve as the liaison between your business and your customers.

Sales people have first hand experiences with your customers that will help you understand the needs and desires of your target audiences. From the real challenges your customers face and the ways your team and your product help them solve their issues–to the opportunities you have to grow further, sales teams have a wealth of insight that marketing and branding team members need to tap into.

Sales people have first hand experiences with your customers that will help you understand the needs and desires of your target audiences.

A strong branding strategy uses that information to better align with the needs of your customers and marketing can use that information to determine what kind of insight and value customers could use along the buying journey.

Branding, sales and marketing have a dynamic and adaptable relationship.  When in proper alignment, branding, sales and marketing form a triangle, with branding being the northern point. Sales and marketing both have major roles to play in the success of your branding efforts, but everything should flow back up to brand.

Align Branding and Sales for Maximum Impact

Long term branding efforts should never be sacrificed for short term marketing initiatives.

Don’t derail a long term branding or marketing initiative to support a single opportunity at an individual request. However, a balance between the two could be the powerful solution you need to gain and retain customers, while also slowly building recognition, trust, then loyalty in your brand as a whole.

Creating a marketing initiative based on key sales initiatives will support and drive your sales teams’ strategies. For example, if your sales team is pushing for a certain product in a certain quarter, marketing can use that information to demonstrate how that product helps address some of their core concerns. They can do this through creating case studies, white papers, industry articles and even social media posts that can connect the dots for your customers.

Or, if your sales team reports that a lot of customers are experiencing problems with X, your engineering team can use that insight to innovate, your marketing team can spread the word and your branding team can frame it all with your company’s values and to strengthen the larger messaging of your brand.

Strategic alignment can go much further than tactical and responsive changes. Sales insight can help you dive into market perception, buyers journeys, value propositions and product positioning, and so much more. Their insights can support your operational and marketing teams while they make shifts to better problem solve. This can accelerate buyers along your sales funnel, provide support and increase efficiency, break down sales barriers and build short term and long term trust.

Sales insight can help you dive into market perception, buyers journeys, value propositions and product positioning, and so much more.

Get Your Whole Team Behind The Vision of Your Brand

Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a 20% annual growth rate. Setting and implementing a brand strategy gives manufacturers a good opportunity to rile your entire team around a cause, and collaborate to maximize efforts. Team members from all departments– by default–contribute to your brand. Cooperation between these contributions will make your brand more impactful, your entire team more aligned, and your company will be all the more stronger because of it.

The Value of Tapping into Third-Party Talent

Using the input and experiences of your team can make your brand stronger, and your customers happier. Bringing all that information together is a big process, and you may find there comes a time when you need to take a step back. Strategy House is a brand management agency that works exclusively with manufacturers in digital transformation and brand management. We help manufacturers like you better own and control your digital brand. Reach out to us today.

Carmella D'Acquisto
Carmella D'Acquisto is the Content Strategist and Brand Storyteller at Strategy House. Backed by years of copy writing, marketing and creative writing experience, Carmella, alongside the rest of the Strategy House team, helps bring manufacturing brands to life. Outside of Strategy House, Carmella is a freelance writer and contributor at Milwaukee Record. When she's not behind her computer, you can catch her at a local show or thrift store.