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Katie Felten and Bridgette McCormick Join Forces to Demystify Social Media

by Bridgette Palm
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Content Strategist, Bridgette McCormick

The past year has been full of exciting changes. I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that after two years of working together, Marketing Strategist, Katie Felten and I have formally come together to demystify social media and content for small and mid-size businesses.

As strategists, we look at the big picture and create plans that are easy to implement for the sales and marketing teams we train.

At Strategy House, we work closely with the sales and marketing teams to create customized marketing plans. In all of our processes, we offer all of the tools, knowledge, and training necessary for our clients to implement.

Our strategies are transparent; we clearly tie marketing initiatives back to business development goals, then identify the step-by-step process for connecting with your ideal customers through content that sounds authentic, genuine, and human.

Our combined backgrounds in social media and content creation come together to create the perfect pairing for social strategy. Katie has been leveraging social media to generate business and teaching others how to maximize it, for over 10 years. I’ve spent the last few years writing, editing, with an emphasis on ghostwriting.

Digital Marketing Strategist, Katie Felten

Together, we help companies use social media to create content that resonates with the people who you want to work with. We develop marketing plans that help businesses clearly define how, when, and which marketing platforms to use to connect with their ideal customers.

If you know anyone who is looking to grow their business through social media or marketing strategy, I’d love for you to put me in touch with them. Katie and I couldn’t be happier about coming together after years of building the marketing process that we’ve seen change the way our clients do business.

We are grateful to our network and all the people who have supported us as we’ve worked toward this; so thank you for supporting us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at


Bridgette McCormick & Katie Felten

Bridgette Palm
Bridgette has developed a career around content. Her work as a writer and editor began nearly ten years ago, and since she has harnessed her experience working as a ghostwriter for business owners to develop marketing strategies that connect businesses to their ideal audiences through content. When not devoting her eye to content revision and development, she can be found reading, enjoying the diverse and delicious Milwaukee restaurant scene, or taking long road trips to explore America.