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Customers Invest In Your Brand, Not Just Your Products

by Carmella D'Acquisto
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The more of an emotional connection we make with a company, the more likely we are going to make multiple purchases from that business. Research continues to support the notion that building an emotional connection has an impact on creating a powerful customer base.

The Harvard Business Review did research across hundreds of brands in dozens of categories that show that it’s possible to measure the way feelings drive customers’ behavior. As a customer deepens their relationship with a brand, they move along the pathway to full emotional connection. The more connected a customer, the more value they offer a company. Fully emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied.

Good branding reflects the values of a company and reinforces an emotional connection. Manufacturers have a great opportunity to use their brand to develop more emotional ties to their customers. If sales teams successfully utilize their brand to build trust and stronger relationships with customers, the more engaged those customers become, and the more likely they are to come back.

Good branding reflects the values of a company and reinforces an emotional connection.

Brand Can Touch The Places Sales Cannot

For many manufacturers, the sales team likely consists of senior professionals who do business traditionally. Perhaps they concentrate on in person demonstrations, the use of spec sheets, word of mouth, or trade shows. They have likely done years of successful business selling traditionally and building relationships with customers.

These elements are still absolutely important; no customer will invest in a product that doesn’t live up to its name. Demonstrations, product information, features and spec sheets will always be vital to securing a sale.

However, modern customers look for a deeper connection to the business as a whole. They build connections with businesses that align with their values. They want to not only invest their money in your products, but invest their trust in your brand. They want to be a part of the bigger picture, by proxy of being your customer.

Use What You Have, Do What You Do Best

The best part of building a more engaging relationship with your customer is that you don’t need a systems overhaul. If you have an established brand, or even are rebranding, your sales team can tap into what you already have to build stronger relationships and connections with your customers.

Let’s say your team regularly contributes to your community; perhaps you have established a training program for high school students interested in the trades, or host regular blood drive, or donate to the local fair. All of these are activities your organization supports because they make a difference in your community, and to the people in it.

These are the values you uphold and live every day, and they shouldn’t exist in isolation. HR, marketing, and sales can work together to develop a simple brochure promoting your community programs. Or, sales team members can simply integrate your values into a part of their sales pitch.

These are the values you uphold and live every day, and they shouldn’t exist in isolation.

The more they tie to the bigger picture of your brand and your values, the better they will be at establishing a higher connection with your customers. If your customers know that buying from you is an investment in something bigger, they will be more inclined to purchase your products and be loyal for years to come.

Need to Talk it Through?

Tapping into your customers’ emotions is an exciting way to build relationships of trust; but taking the reins may seem daunting or overwhelming to your sales or marketing teams.

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Carmella D'Acquisto
Carmella D'Acquisto is the Content Strategist and Brand Storyteller at Strategy House. Backed by years of copy writing, marketing and creative writing experience, Carmella, alongside the rest of the Strategy House team, helps bring manufacturing brands to life. Outside of Strategy House, Carmella is a freelance writer and contributor at Milwaukee Record. When she's not behind her computer, you can catch her at a local show or thrift store.