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Social Media Strategies Reinforce Your Brand

by Carmella D'Acquisto
4 min

Manufacturers are used to operating on traditional sales strategies. In-person sales meetings, word-of-mouth marketing, trade shows and similar sales techniques have been utilized for decades. However, 2020 made many manufacturers realize that investing in your digital brand is no longer optional.

The manufacturing workforce is getting younger, and with this generational shift comes the need to do business differently. In 2021, how do customers and prospective employees find you? Almost without exception, they engage with your company on the web first.

Outside of your website, social media platforms are where your audience lives. Social media gives manufacturing the ongoing opportunity to find and engage your audience, and build loyalty over time.

Outside of your website, social media platforms are where your audience lives. Social media gives manufacturing the ongoing opportunity to find and engage your audience, and build loyalty over time.

Social Media is an Extension of Your Digital Brand Strategy

Social media is often one of manufacturers’ more challenging parts of digital brand strategy – and rightfully so. Social media requires consistent maintenance, and cannot be created and left alone.

However, just because it demands a little more time and attention doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Your social media strategy should be engaging, and a natural next step of brand strategy.

You don’t need to make up content out of the blue – what you share on social should be a direct reflection of your branding and sales efforts elsewhere. Social media is the space to engage your audience and reinforce your brand through sharing what’s already going on behind the scenes.

Optimizing Your Social Channels

Manufacturers don’t need to be social media experts to provide valuable content in these spaces. They just need to know which audiences they are reaching, and then align content accordingly, so their digital brand is a revenue driver, not a time suck.

Social media, and your digital brand as a whole, can be incredibly rewarding when approached strategically.

It comes down to a few straightforward steps, put into action continuously:

  • Align your social media content with your existing strategies
  • Share that content on the appropriate platform
  • Engage those audiences through being highly responsive

Reach Your Audiences Where They Live

Not all your audience members are finding you through the same social media platforms. Each primary social platform serves a different purpose, and therefore a different type of content should be shared in each space.

As a brand agency dedicated to supporting manufacturers through transformation, we have recognized there are three primary platforms that most manufacturers should be using: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


LinkedIn is a great space to reach customers and company stakeholders and share valuable brand-driven content.

Share content related to your customer (or sales) strategies here. Share recently published articles related to certain products you’re concentrating on, share advice and educational content, and share messages that reinforce your core values.

LinkedIn is also a great space to share community-related content. Demonstrating your commitment to giving back is valuable for all of your audiences.


We see the most engagement on Facebook from manufacturing employees, their families, and the community around your facility locations.

Facebook is a space for genuine connection and conversation.

Share content related to your employee and community strategies here. Culture posts like an employee who has won a recent award or gotten a promotion, or posts demonstrating how you take care of your team as a whole, will perform well here.

Your team is likely engaged on Facebook, and they want to be recognized–make sure to tag them when stories relate to them directly. Community content, such as donations and fundraisers for local organizations, also gets a lot of engagement on Facebook because the organizations and people you are supporting are likely active on this platform.


Instagram is an interesting, blended platform that brings a real human element to your social media strategies. Instagram isn’t for every manufacturer, as requires a lot more engagement and planning because it’s such a visually focused platform.

We recommend holding off on an Instagram strategy unless you have a sustainable way to gather high quality, branded photography.

The real potential value of Instagram is in building a community of strategic partners, team members, and customers. This is done through using appropriate industry hashtags (that’s how others can find and follow you!) and through sharing more human-focused, behind the scenes content not just through posts, but through stories and highlights as well.

The Value of Tapping into Third-Party Talent

Prioritizing social media may seem daunting to your marketing team.  There comes a time where manufacturers need to step back, and partner with a third party to help align digital brand strategies, and make every effort count.

If you’re wondering how we help manufacturers better reinforce their brand and engage their audience through social media content, reach out to us today.

Carmella D'Acquisto
Carmella D'Acquisto is the Content Strategist and Brand Storyteller at Strategy House. Backed by years of copy writing, marketing and creative writing experience, Carmella, alongside the rest of the Strategy House team, helps bring manufacturing brands to life. Outside of Strategy House, Carmella is a freelance writer and contributor at Milwaukee Record. When she's not behind her computer, you can catch her at a local show or thrift store.