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Why Millennial Buyers Demand More of Your Brand

by Carmella D'Acquisto
3 min

As millennials advance in their careers, companies who want their business must accommodate the demands they make of the brands they support.  B2B brands who understand this and align their companies alongside them will be more likely to flourish in the next several decades.

Modern Customers Use Their Values to Guide Spending

Millennial buying habits will continue to influence every single market, holding massive spending power – about $600 billion annually in the U.S.

Millennials care about who they support. They use their spending power to support businesses that share their same values. These values extend beyond B2C retail habits, and are influencing purchasing decisions in B2B corporations as well.

Generational Transition in B2B Spending Habits in Manufacturing

As more millennials move into more strategic roles and leadership positions within the supply chain, their purchasing power increases. The wave of retiring Boomers from manufacturing has resulted in an increase of millennials in Purchasing positions.

Modern buyers rely on your digital presence to learn all about your business. Companies who invest in their brand, website, and engage genuinely in social pages are more likely to gain the attention, and build a relationship with their consumers.

Companies who invest in their brand, website, and engage genuinely in social pages are more likely to gain the attention, and build a relationship with their consumers.

The importance of understanding who you are, how you can help them, and the demonstration of your values are all factors driving millions of dollars of purchasing decisions.

Your Digital Presence Must Reflect The Reality of Your Brand

There’s a good chance you provide a wonderful product or service that helps customers solve niche problems. However, if your website and digital channels do not reflect that accurately, no one will understand the value you provide.

Old, outdated, and incomplete websites and social pages create a gap between your company and your potential customers. Customers take what they see online as word. If your messaging, tone, language, or visuals are outdated, inaccurate, or do not show the complete picture of your brand, customers will assume you cannot help them, and they will take their money elsewhere.

The most important way you can demonstrate your value is by using your website and digital channels to provide educational resources, information, and engagement.

Customers want to do as much research as possible before contacting sales or customer service. They want to feel confident working with your company would benefit them. Wielding a strong digital presence will empower your potential customers to take the leap into getting in touch, or purchasing directly.

Don’t Compromise The Work Of Your Sales Team

Your sales team works hard to reach out to new customers, continue to build relationships with existing customers, and find solutions for your customers’ core concerns. If this isn’t backed by a strong and compelling digital presence, it may call their credibility into question. The trust between a customer and salesperson is already delicate. An incomplete or undated digital presence compromises their hard work, and puts their effort to gain new business at risk.

However, a modern, complete, comprehensive, and compelling digital presence will support the hard work of your sales team and help them easily guide customers through the sales funnel. It supports the promises they made while they were selling, and helps customers feel assured they made the right decision when they bought from you.

Small Updates Can Make a Big Impact

Updating your website and social channels may feel like quite the undertaking. However, there is no need to jump right into all the bells and whistles that digital channels offer. Start with the foundation: define your core messaging, update your photography and visual brand elements, and begin a consistent content strategy.

These simple steps will offer your customers a clean, readable, and usable, and trustworthy presence that will reassure them that they can feel good about purchasing from and supporting your business.

Carmella D'Acquisto
Carmella D'Acquisto is the Content Strategist and Brand Storyteller at Strategy House. Backed by years of copy writing, marketing and creative writing experience, Carmella, alongside the rest of the Strategy House team, helps bring manufacturing brands to life. Outside of Strategy House, Carmella is a freelance writer and contributor at Milwaukee Record. When she's not behind her computer, you can catch her at a local show or thrift store.