Brand Experience

Your Brand Struggles

The perception your customers have of your company, a prospect’s first impression of your business, how your employees talk about their job—all of these comprise your brand. But to grow, you need to cultivate it. 

Manufacturing as an industry is evolving; in order to grow, we need to move away from the way things have always been done. When you embrace change, your brand becomes the most important tool to achieve your vision.

Today, the quality of your core products and services, the expertise of your workforce, and the incredible comradery among your team is not accurately represented in the digital space. It's time to align your brand, online and off, and create a cohesive brand experience for your current, and future, customers and employees.

Our Branding Services

We trust your vision and expertise. We listen first, capture your story, and share it strategically. We ensure this process is easy for you. We define, document, and promote your brand using our proven strategy, technology, and content methodology. Everything comes back to brand. We’re here to make sure yours is positioned to help you grow.

How We Work


Our brand strategies are designed to help you achieve your vision. We’ve outlined a few of our branding strategy techniques below, to give you an idea of ways our clients use our services:

  • Set a brand strategy that aligns with the vision for growth for sales and talent
  • Oversee the implementation of sales growth and talent strategies 
  • Develop marketing strategies for new and existing products
  • Develop the company’s internal communication strategy 
  • Apply communication plans to increase brand awareness and recognition for the organization
  • Develop a cohesive visual brand strategy 
  • Update logos and visual brand elements
  • Develop an integrated communications strategy for the company incorporating PR, marketing, and web presence 
  • Manage social media presence and direct programs to improve social media brand reputation and recognition
  • Develop relationships with key media to secure and grow media coverage both online and offline
  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and customer trends
  • Communicate brand to internal customers and stakeholders
  • Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns
  • Analyze digital communications and messaging to ensuring consistency


As technology advances, the manufacturing industry must adjust. As advocates for digital growth and transformation, we push our clients to prioritize technology and digital strategy to increase sales, attract talent, and better represent your vision, values, and brand. Our technology services include:

  • Update website to reflect new brand positioning 
  • Redesign website to improve the usability, design, content, and conversion rates of the website 
  • Website redesign and website development
  • Oversee the social media strategy for the company, including social media metrics, social media posting, and social media engagement 
  • Implement and manage marketing automation software 
  • Evaluate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data
  • Monitor and report on conversion rate optimization (CRO) 
  • Utilize a range of techniques including paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of digital developments


This is the fun stuff: we bring your brand to life. Our content always comes back to your strategy and goals. Here we can share your story, support your vision, and celebrate your company culture. Our content services include:

  • Develop brand guidelines
  • Enhance brand positioning with key positioning statements
  • Solidify core values
  • Enhance value proposition 
  • Create ideal customer profiles
  • Create and promote your brand manifesto 
  • Develop buyer personas 
  • Develop buyer journey mapping
  • Create and implement social media initiatives 
  • Write press releases for local and national media
  • Conduct consistent content audits