The Strategy House Culture Code

A small but mighty force

Strategy House is united in helping our team members flourish through our company culture and passion for local manufacturing businesses.

Cultivating Success

As a team, we work together to cultivate our individual strengths through commitments to growth and continuous learning. It’s important that our team members feel fulfilled personally, professionally, and financially. In our weekly team check-ins, we promote work/life integration by supporting one another through struggles and celebrating both personal & professional successes

Balancing Life

Our team appreciation and motivation spans the globe! We love the people we work with, on top of loving the work we do. Together we explore full lives through our passions while keeping each other accountable to our individual goals. Our shared core values allow us to strategize solutions effectively and clearly for our clients because we all start on the same page.


We are transparent in our communication and welcome honest conversation & encourage feedback.

People First

People are at the core of what we do. We are your partners committed to your success

Agile Process

We operate using an agile methodology - We have a proven process & are flexible in its execution


We understand your challenges & concerns; we will be with you at every point in the process

Continuous Improvement

We thrive on knowledge and are always evaluating and adapting our plans and strategies for growth


We love our work just as much as we love our free time. Feeling satisfied inside and outside of the office is what brings us joy