Attracting Talent to Manufacturing

Attracting & Retaining Talent: The Role of Messaging

Video Series

Changing the Perception of Manufacturing, One Story at a Time


Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm Talk about Changing Perceptions in Manufacturing


Leveraging LinkedIn in the Manufacturing Industry


  • Started her first business at 17
  • Worked in the venture backed tech space in New York City
  • Teaching companies to leverage linkedin for business development for more than twelve years
  • Now Co-founder of Strategy House
  • Strategist

About Katie

Katie Felten is a Co-Founder of Strategy House, a Milwaukee-based brand management agency that specializes in helping manufacturers achieve their growth goals through sales enablement and talent strategies. Katie has been teaching companies how to strategically leverage technology and digital strategies for 12 years. She now applies her expertise to help leaders in manufacturing sell more effectively and attract and retain talent with targeted digital strategies.


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