Our Story

How Strategy House Started:

A few years ago, Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm were two freelance consultants; one a sales & social media specialist and the other a writer. They came together to help a growing business set a marketing strategy, which resulted in a comprehensive playbook that defined their target market and identified a step-by-step plan for connecting with them.

Their combined expertise in social media, sales process, marketing strategy and content creation is the foundation of the Playbook. Since then it has evolved into a tailored processes designed for manufacturers who are transforming their business to grow in the digital age.


How Strategy House Has Grown:

We follow EOS and adopt an agile approach for growing our business, expanding our product offerings and growing beyond the coffee shops the two of us worked from to our small team of six based out of Milwaukee’s Third Ward. We now work happily serving Wisconsin's manufacturing sector—a niche that we call home.

Our growth strategies help manufacturers attract and retain ideal best customers and top talent. We specialize in working with small marketing departments, specifically elevating women in marketing in manufacturing as leaders within their organization.

How We Work