Strategy House Team

Our People

We've built the team designed to help manufacturers position their brand for growth and success. Each person on our team has a unique skill, strength and area of expertise that contributes to our manufacturing clients' growth initiatives and helps them embrace digital transformation. 

Though our team works remotely, we check in daily for transparency and comradery. We’re all rooted in the Midwest, and therefore our team culture often aligns with the culture and values of our manufacturing clients.

Katie Felten

Digital Strategist

Katie Felten

As the co-owner and founder of Strategy House, Katie serves as our team visionary. She works directly with executive teams, listening to strategy meetings, and translating their vision for growth into clear brand strategies that align with their growth goals


Content Strategist

Bridgette Palm

Also Co-Founder of Strategy House, Bridgette is our team integrator. She translates the vision for growth into actionable plans, all the way down to timelines and managing the implementation team. As our resident Content Strategist, the brand strategies she sets ensures content that comes from Strategy House is purposeful and powerful, designed to improve brand perception.


Brand Strategist

Carl Cummings

With decades of branding and design experience for some of America’s most successful companies, Carl is an invaluable asset to the Strategy House team. Carl has the unique ability to uncover and define brand elements, then integrate them into powerful and impactful designs. His guidance enables our team to create a cohesive brand experience.



BJ Szyjakowski

BJ is our web design and development manager. He’s responsible for creating eye-catching strategic websites and digital collateral for our clients. He ensures that every asset is user friendly, mobile ready, and aesthetically pleasing. BJ works diligently to continue to push our team and clients to embrace growth driven website design and user experience.



Julianna Whaley

Julianna is our process management expert. Her incredibly detailed documentation and outlining of internal and external processes allows our team members to work efficiently and with purpose. As our Client Communication Specialist, she ensures client satisfaction through timely and transparent communication. She keeps our team on its toes, and works tirelessly to ensure our service is impeccable.


Data Analyst

Tory Schaff

Tory is our Data and Analytics Manager. She’s responsible for managing data, analytics, research, and all things numbers. Tory bravely faces spreadsheets and corrals it into meaningful data. Tory is also our team cheerleader, always working to hype up our team and share her joyful demeanor.


Content Creator

Carmella D'Acquisto

Carmella is our primary short-form content writer. Concentrating on creating social media editorials, Carmella is able to tie social posts back to our client’s strategic initiatives. She’s also our go-to for short form content like newsletters, email campaigns, and community stories.


Content Creator

Marianna Ruiz

Mariana is a story-teller at heart. Specializing in long form content, Mariana handles blogging, case study development, articles, and more. Mariana creates brand-specific, engaging content that helps our manufacturing clients tell their stories in a compelling way.