Establishing Brand After Acquisition: County Prestress

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County Prestress


County Prestress is a full-service prestressed concrete services manufacturer. In 2020, they were acquired by County Materials Corporation, at which point they updated to their current business name.

County Prestress needed to quickly and seamlessly get up and running with brand reputation under their new name, and with new ownership.

The Client

County Prestress, originally called Illini Precast, was acquired in 2020 by County Materials Corporation.

They focus on four key areas of business: insulated sandwich walls, parking structure components, bridges, and hollow-core planks. These prestress products allow communities to build structures efficiently, with strength and reliability.

The Challenge

After an acquisition, there is a challenging period of alignment. County Prestress’s goals were to seamlessly update their name in the industry while retaining existing brand integrity, as well as aligning with new parent company County Materials, while also functioning as an autonomous brand.

As the transition began, the new brand needed to be quickly represented on the web for things like their Google locations and company name. There was an element of starting from scratch, and we knew we’d have to nail the alignment and bring the new County Prestress brand into the fold of the parent company, without losing their unique value and features.

The Strategy

We started with thinking about how to start from scratch and use different strategies than with our existing client, to shift the narrative around County Prestress’ culture and brand. Alignment after an acquisition doesn’t happen overnight, so we knew we’d have to remain flexible and fluid, and create a strategy that is independent of the parent company.

We started updating and aligning with new naming conventions, leveraging what we could from the parent brand, while still concentrating on County Prestress as an individual company.

As a strategy-first agency with core competency in content, we knew we could do more than just implement a brand roll-out, instead we concentrated on making recommendations on where and how to repurpose content.

The Solution


 The Impact

This transition is still in process. We are trusted to continue building a strong foundation for the new brand, and managing the many moving parts involved.

The team at Strategy House demonstrates the perfect balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service to meet our company’s needs.

They offer a collaborative approach and take the time to listen and understand our objectives before presenting us with well-thought out strategies for our consideration. Since we’ve teamed up, Strategy House has effectively supported many diverse branding initiatives including developing and managing our company’s online presence, content development, enhancing recruiting efforts, and more.

Projects are always approached with enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a focus on delivering timely results within the agreed budget. Their team is responsive, adaptable, reliable, and a true pleasure to work with!

Rebecca Sonnentag

VP Promotions and Communications, County Materials Corporation

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