Bringing Leadership’s Vision to Life: Price Erecting

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Price Erecting Company


Price Erecting is a 100+ year old construction company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

By partnering with Strategy House, Price Erecting was able to position their brand and quickly became a multi-award winning leader in the construction field.

The Client

Price Erecting is a 100+ year old construction company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve played a unique role in the development of the city and have a great history that has gone unrecognized.

When we started working with Price Erecting, a new leadership team had just been brought on. They recognized the good work they were doing in person and in their community, but the story wasn’t being told in the digital space.

The Challenge

Price Erecting leadership had a vision of bringing their brand to life in the digital space.

Their challenge was that they didn’t have the team, capacity, or experience to make a big, strategic impact on the web.

The Strategy

Our strategy started with several sessions of listening and understanding the vision of Price Erecting’s president, Jason Young. We started by establishing the foundation of who they are, what kind of work they do, and how they give back to the community.

We focused on brand alignment and story amplification in three key spaces:

  • Social Media
  • Web Presence
  • Sales Collateral

From our initial meetings, we were able to identify and isolate the information and stories that would best resonate with their digital audiences We used those stories to develop several brand-focused deliverables.

Our storytelling work on social media, the Price website, and in sales collateral demonstrates the values and expertise of the company on a human level in the digital space, connecting their in-person brand to the online experience.

The Solution

We used LinkedIn to reach customers and partners with compelling messages, showcasing Price Erecting’s brand, services, and community efforts.

On Facebook, we focused on team members, their families, and recruiting through content focused around the Price Erecting brand and culture, and again how they contributed to the local community.

We refreshed the look and feel of their brand elements and website. We updated their sales collateral to focus more on the value they bring, rather than simply a list of services they offer.

On their website, we focused on brand storytelling. Price erecting has a rich history in the Milwaukee area, with several impactful stories to share. They are also a historically charitable organization. President Jason Young specifically dedicated himself and the business to giving back to veteran organizations, and empowering students to enter a career in the trades.

Our goal was for everyone that reaches Price Erecting in the digital space finds a clear, current brand story, up-to-date information, and the understanding of who they are as a company and the values they live through their work and charitable acts.

The Impact

We were able to give their audience clear insight into the brand and the company, who they are and what they care about, through our storytelling and brand management work.

This strategy built in high levels of brand awareness in their community, as well as improved brand recognition. As a result of our consistent storytelling, local organizations began to take notice of the good work Price Erecting was doing in the community.

During our time working with Price Erecting, their team consistently won awards that recognized their commitment to the community, and served as a good measure of the success of our strategic digital brand efforts.

“When I became the President of Price Erecting I had a vision for what the company could be in the marketplace. Strategy House took that and ran with it, giving me what I need to be a recognized name in our industry.”

Jason Young

Former President, Price Erecting Co.


From 2018 – 2019, Price was nominated for several, and was the winner of 6 awards as a direct result of the brand strategy.

  • Best Women Business Enterprise (2018)
  • Subcontractor of the Year (2018)
  • Veteran Friendly Business of the Year (2019)
  • Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce – Future 50 Company (2019)
  • Fastest Growing Firm (2019)
  • Invitation to join Milwaukee Business Journal Leadership Trust (2019)

Our work was able to bring leadership’s vision of an impactful digital brand to life. Our digital strategy helped win Price Erecting several awards, and kept their brand vibrant and alive in the digital space.

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