Streamlining Sales and Aligning Marketing: Acieta

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Acieta is one of the industry’s most established FANUC robotics integrators, with over 35 years in business.

Their team worked with Strategy House to establish key brand elements, and define sales process and positioning for standard products.

The Client

Acieta is a 35-year-old robotics integration company with locations both in Wisconsin and Iowa. They are one of the leading FANUC partners in the country, and their sales team are experts in their field and often requested to speak and present at industry conferences.

The organization had limited sales and marketing resources and lacked a true content strategy, and needed to take advantage of these opportunities and support sales efforts in the field.

The Challenge

Acieta’s sales strength was in their team’s deep industry expertise and ability to develop a custom solution for every customer. However, as their customer base grew younger, their buyer’s journey began to rely more heavily on online content, and the marketing team was tasked with developing a content strategy that met modern buyers’ needs.

Additionally, Acieta was a nearly completely custom shop, and creating a brand new product for every customer added stress to their operations team’s capacity and was resulting in longer lead times.

The Strategy

Through market research and customer feedback, we identified three core buyer personas for Acieta. Once we understood who their customers were, we mapped the journey or path to purchase. We then created a content strategy that addressed their most pressing challenges and addressed common objectives.

During this process, we uncovered a key goal for Acieta customers: shorter lead times. We recognized that customization caused a strain on operations and resulted in longer lead times.

The Solution

Once the personas and customer journey was identified, we reviewed all existing content and aligned it with strategic messaging targeted specifically to their buyer personas.

We also worked with the sales team to develop a brand architecture that identified core standard product packages based around their industry expertise. These standard product packages served as a starting point for each target customer, and were designed to help alleviate operational challenges of customized products.

We designed a go-to-market content strategy and sales training materials to help their sales team direct buyers to standard products as a starting point for buyers on their online research journey.

This empowered buyers to answer questions through online content before talking to sales, allowing the sales team to focus on more detailed integration conversations that showcase their subject matter expertise.

 The Impact

The biggest impact was transitioning the sales strategy from an entirely custom focus to a standard product strategy that was designed around the primary needs of their target customers, and developing the content marketing to support buyers through their journey, accelerating the path to revenue.

Our work made a permanent impact on their product hierarchy, and their core understanding of their customer base, which supported how their customers move through the sales funnel.

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