Transforming a Legacy into a Growth-Driven Future: Monroe Truck Equipment

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Monroe Truck Equipment


Monroe Truck Equipment is a well-known 60+ year old truck equipment manufacturer and upfitter.

With brand new leadership on board, Monroe partnered with Strategy House to support their aggressive growth plan by developing and managing a complete brand transformation.

The Client

Monroe Truck Equipment is a work truck manufacturer and upfitter in Monroe, WI with a strong legacy brand reputation and market awareness. In 2017, Monroe Truck Equipment was acquired by a private equity firm, and a new strategic leadership team was put into place to implement a transformation, grow the company, and lead it into a promising future.

Monroe is a current client with an in-process brand transformation.

The Challenge

The growth plan laid out by new leadership reaches all parts of the business. The CEO established a strategic leadership team to streamline operations, grow market share, increase revenue, and manage labor gap challenges. Each of these is hindered without a high-level brand alignment and transformation.

Monroe’s executive leadership team brought together tenured members to manage key areas including development, operations, and human resources. The new CEO recognized that brand strategy was imperative to have at the table, and approached Strategy House to serve on the leadership team, and manage this from beginning to end.

The Strategy

Strategy House came in as a strategic partner for the corporate brand as well as all divisions and owned brands. Our team established relationships with the leadership board, key department leaders, and the marketing team.

Our understanding of how to effectively unite and update the brand to support growth, implement modern digital strategies, and also carrying forward Monroe’s rich history and place in the market positioned us as the ideal partner for this transformation.

To set Monroe, and ourselves, up to manage such an undertaking, we ensured we kept a 10,000-foot view of the company at all times and used this to guide all of our work, and the work with internal departments.

Our strategy work began with extensive research both internally and externally, allowing us to get a deep understanding of Monroe’s industry, customers, and competitors, as well as where the company currently was, and their vision for growth.

We mapped out a multi-year strategic plan, designed to support the overall goals while aligning the brand as it presents itself across each touchpoint, department, and brand communication.

The Solution

Our implementation of this full inside-out transformation included multiple phases, each managing the implementation of several strategies to ensure that the transformation results are whole, complete, and totally aligned.

Strategic initiatives include:

  • Working with leadership to establish clear brand values and core messaging
  • Uniting the company under these updated core values
  • Repositioning the brand in the digital landscape with an improved presence
  • Extending the strong brand experience that current customers experience across digital presence and sales materials
  • Promoting Monroe’s employer brand to attract top talent to support company goals and operations
  • Establishing a PR strategy to establish Monroe’s industry expertise while reaching current and new customers

Unbeknownst to any teams at onboarding, we’d also effectively guide Monroe leaders through the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We supported teams with messages of safety, stability, and trust while the global economy adapted, and led the pivot from key in-person trade shows and events, to redirect resources to keep Monroe top of mind while driving lead generation.

As we continue to drive Monroe’s brand strategy, we work top-down with multiple divisions and departments. Furthermore, we design internal systems and processes to enable teams to produce all of the updated brand pieces and campaigns while adhering to a specific and evolving brand identity.

The Impact

To date, our first phase of brand work has produced company-wide impact. With sharpened core messaging and value propositions, we have begun improving the brand position through digital channels, PR presence, and by more strategically supporting sales.

Our close work with teams has improved efficiency, built trust and alignment between marketing, sales, and other departments, and shifted Monroe’s internal marketing team to a proactive, strategic department that drives company growth, while eliminating the reactiveness that often hinders sales and marketing dynamics.

This critical foundation has set us up to manage the next phases of strategic brand management as an efficient and critical part of Monroe’s organization, and tangibly contribute to the goals of transformation and growth.


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