Refining Position within a Brand Family: Towmaster

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Towmaster Trailers and Trucks


Towmaster is a 40-year-old trailer manufacturer and work truck upfitter located in Litchfield, MN.

In 2019 Monroe Truck Equipment acquired Towmaster, and needed to integrate corporate core messaging into the standalone brand strategy.

The Client

Towmaster is a 40-year-old trailer manufacturer and truck upfitter located in Litchfield, MN.

They have strong brand awareness and integrity in the trailer industry, especially in their home state of Minnesota. In 2019, Monroe Truck Equipment acquired Towmaster, adding them to the umbrella of Monroe Truck Equipment brands.

Towmaster, a Monroe Company is a current client with an in-process rebrand project.

The Challenge

Towmaster maintains a strong brand reputation in the trailer industry, known for its highly engineered products and durable manufacturing process. Despite this, Towmaster has not operated with its own marketing department for the past several years.

In addition, Towmaster needed to address the industry-wide labor gap to ensure their team could support growing sales. The marketing department and Strategy House were tasked with defining how to operate within the corporate family of brands, and to develop a marketing strategy that supports brand positioning, sales, and employer brand goals of recruiting and retention.

The Strategy

Towmaster’s team was accustomed to selling with piecemeal marketing collateral, and a disjointed digital brand experience.

With a new high-level tone set by new parent company leadership and strategic direction recommended by Strategy House, we worked to establish clear lines and boundaries between Towmaster and parent company Monroe Truck Equipment, while streamlining and refreshing the brand in the digital space.

We additionally are guiding the Towmaster team to a larger strategy, reducing the need for reactive tactics that often evolve brands into disorganized systems. This ultimately results in alignment between brand and marketing, and key departments including sales and HR. It creates a consistent brand message to all audiences, and helps the Towmaster team maintain autonomy and authenticity.


The Solution

We are currently working to strengthen current Towmaster initiatives, while also redefining brand identity and strengthening positioning.

We have rapidly updated key digital spaces by streamlining website user experience, instilling clear messaging, implementing a social media strategy, and developing news story content.

As we create each piece, we’re establishing the system for producing similar pieces in the future. This creates sustainable and efficient processes and builds trust and alignment between marketing, sales, and HR departments.

 The Impact

Our work to date has strengthened the brand identity and positioning of the company.

This brand work is addressing a timely need for labor through targeted placement and messaging of recruiting campaign pieces.

Strategy House is leading Towmaster to becoming a thriving and effective autonomous brand under the Monroe Truck Equipment umbrella.

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Chris? Britni?

Leader, Towmaster, a Monroe Truck Equipment Company

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