Customer Experience

Your Sales Struggles

Today's buyers research online. If your website and other marketing collateral doesn’t accurately reflect your brand, you risk losing sales to competitors with a more modern online presence.

You recognize you’re not sharing the true story of your business. There’s pressure to update the brand, but you're not sure where to start.

The content and technology you have in place does not support modern buyers through the digital sales process. You could use guidance… and writers.

Our Sales Services

Strategy House is the team you need to update your content and grow sales. Our teams of writers, designers, and developers are here to listen, capture your story, and apply it strategically. 

We distill your expertise into insight that guides your buyers through the sales process. Our streamlined sales strategy brings your sales process into the digital age: making it better, faster, more efficient.

Backed by our metrics-driven analytics, we ensure that every change is designed to help you hit your sales goals.

How We Work


Our team creates efficient, branded strategies rooted in your sales goals. We’ve outlined a few of our sales strategy techniques below, giving you an idea of the ways our clients use our services:

  • Realign and redesign sales process, focusing on verifiable outcomes
  • Plan and deliver CRM strategies across the company encouraging customer retention and customer loyalty
  • Decide on the CRM platform structure and architecture, ensuring it works seamlessly across the organization, and captures all required information at key points in the customer life cycle
  • Develop Customer Journey Maps, analyzing touch points with the organization and maximizing opportunities
  • Work closely with multiple departments to ensure the CRM works effectively
  • Oversee internal and external communications within the CRM
  • Monitor and maximize customer lifetime value strategies ensuring maximum profitability
  • Ensure the database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities
  • Develop trade show strategies
  • Design new product roll-out campaigns
  • Develop brand messaging for new products and create go to market strategy


We tap into the power of data transparency and digital transformation to streamline your sales systems. We prioritize technology and digital strategy to increase sales, attract talent and better represent your vision, values and brand. Our technology services include:

  • Website design and development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) selection, design and optimization 
  • Marketing automation selection, design and optimization 
  • Database clean up
  • Database development
  • Website user behavior insights
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • SEO analytics
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales funnel analysis


Content is where a lot of sales transformation takes place. When we create strategic content that always comes back to your goals, we’re able to accurately share your story and encourage buyers to move through the sales process. Our content services include:

  • Conduct website content audit
  • Update marketing collateral 
  • Update website content
  • Write and design sales one pages
  • Sales powerpoint presentation design 
  • Write sales email templates 
  • Write sales follow-up emails
  • Create nurture campaigns and educational emails
  • Write Trade Show content: presentations, collateral, follow up
  • Write and review technical video content
  • Gather, write and design case studies and client testimonials
  • Write social media content 
  • PR: Write and promote articles from leaders 
  • Write and design content offers
  • New product marketing materials