What We Do:


At Strategy House, we help manufacturers transform their business for the digital age by integrating the strategy, processes, and content necessary to achieve their vision of growth.

Helping Manufacturers Through Digital Transformation

In today’s digital world, people tend to research on their own, long before they reach out for more information. Whether it’s your prospective customer or the perfect candidate looking at your website, you risk being overlooked if your brand isn’t reflected online.

Strategy House helps manufacturers going through digital transformation consistently deliver value to customers and prospects in a way that is true to their brand.

Digital transformation is about leveraging current technology to optimize strategy, processes, and content. Using these tools we guide manufacturers through the transformation journey to achieve their vision of growth.

Sales Growth Strategy

Once a prospect connects with your sales team, they’ve already formed an opinion of your brand from your website, blog post, social media page or lack thereof.

Your online content must be relevant to your target customers. But, before you start using digital marketing tactics, you need a strategy that connects to your overall business growth goals.

At Strategy House we define and document processes for your manufacturing company to grow in a way that aligns with company initiatives. We help you understand your target market, ideal buyer and their buying journey in order to strengthen brand positioning and ultimately create content that reaches your audience at the right place and time.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Manufacturers today are competing for talent; to stand out you need to modernize your talent attraction approach. Our talent attraction content strategies help established manufacturing companies update their digital presence to attract their ideal candidates.

Strategy House helps you share your story with target candidates and ensure prospective talent is connected with your vision for growth. Using talent attraction and retention strategies that match the digital age, we help you define and promote your company culture to meet top talent where they’re at in their search.