Brand Experience

Managing your brand effectively builds trust through strategic and consistent brand positioning across all touchpoints and to all key audiences.

Customer Experience

Building trust through a strategic and consistent brand elevates your brand and drives customer behavior.

Big Picture

Here, we hone in to the needs of your customers. Using your newly established brand as a communication tool, our services guide customer’s experiences in an authentic and trustworthy manner.

Once customers know what to expect from your brand, they will come to rely on the consistent level of product quality, communication, customer support, and ease of purchasing.

Big Impact

Strategy House drives business by creating useful and intentional content and processes that attract and support your customers during every moment of the sales journey. We create a unified customer experience by forging consistent and powerful sales strategies and messaging that create a cohesive customer experience.

Your team will go to market with confidence and clarity about how you serve your customers and your role in the industry.

What does Customer Experience Look Like?

What does
Customer Experience
Look Like?

Customer Strategy

We use brand to increase the effectiveness of the customer journey and create a clear path to revenue.

  • Sales Process Training
  • Buyers’ Journey Mapping
  • Digital Strategy
  • Inbound and Account-Based Strategies
  • Go-To-Market and Product Launch Plan
Customer Messaging

We create strategic plans for getting the right communication to the right audience at the right time.

  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content and Management
  • PR Content and Industry Leadership
  • Sales Campaign Content
  • Event Content

Employee Experience

Brand starts at the top and flows internally to unite your existing team and attract the right future employees, and to retain top talent.

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Our team understands that consistent turnover is staggering. Recruiting, training, off-boarding and doing it all over again a few months down the road will cost a lot more than attracting the right talent from the start.

It’s time to double down on the investment of your team. Improving and authentically demonstrating the culture of your team will better your chances of beating the competition in the race to attract and retain valuable talent.

Big Impact

While leaders work to create positive cultural experiences, we authentically represent your culture, attracting candidates who would best harmonize with your existing team.

When you demonstrate what value your culture offers, top talent will be more likely to apply, stay long term, and help grow your business.

What does Employee Experience Look Like?

What does
Employee Experience
Look Like?

Culture Strategy

[Internal] Communicating brand throughout your organization unites and inspires team members to be top performers.

  • Core Values Definition
  • Employer Value Proposition
  • News Story Strategy
  • Internal Brand Communications
  • Employee Recognition Process
Employer Branding

[External] Defining and telling a consistent brand story positions you as an attractive employer.

  • Website Content
  • Digital Employer Brand & Review Management
  • Social Recruitment Strategy
  • Job Opportunity Post Management
  • Social Media Content and Management

Community Experience

Modern customers and employees care about how you show support for your community, affecting your overall brand reputation.

Big Picture

Your involvement in the community influences the perception of your brand. Today’s customers are more conscious about the social responsibility of companies, and we know that authentically sharing your community initiatives can make the difference when earning trust, building loyalty, and ultimately winning sales.

Modern workers are more productive when they are proud of their work, and a business that gives back to their own community is a way to build pride and longevity among team members.

Big Impact

Most manufacturers already support their surrounding communities, but often don’t share their efforts because of the humility often installed in such industry leaders.

Building awareness around how you support and give back to your community and industry at large will build your brand in customers, employees, and brand advocates.

What does Community Experience Look Like?

What does
Community Experience
Look Like?

Community Support Strategy

We integrate a plan or strengthen the strategy of community support, to tell the brand story through the support many manufacturers already provide.

  • Community Support Strategy
  • Industry Support Strategy
Community PR and Content

Incorporating messaging for the ways you give back is a key part of an overall brand strategy.

  • News Stories
  • Community and Industry PR Strategy
  • Social Media Content and Management
  • Award Nominations

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