Who We Are

Strategy House Mission

Changing the perception of American manufacturing, one story at a time. Manufacturing is in the middle of a digital transformation and in order to stand out, manufacturing as an industry needs to tell a better story. That’s where we come in.

Brand Management

Our team has decades of combined experience setting strategies, implementing technology, and developing content for manufacturers transforming their brand in the new digital landscape.

Driven by our passion for American manufacturing, we’ve created a tailored process designed for manufacturers who are ready to update their brand in the digital space. 

At our core, we are people people. We love the teams we work with, and the strategic leaders who are committed to transforming their factories. Our incredible manufacturing clients deserve to share their story with the worldand we help them do it.

Core Values

Our core values drive our team and guide our methodology. Our emphasis on communication, collaboration, and transparency create processes that are client-driven, clear and effective. We work and live by our values, and look for clients whose guiding principles align with ours.


We clearly communicate expectations, process, and progress. We welcome honest conversation, encourage feedback, and create an open environment in which to share ideas.

People Oriented

People are always at the core of what we do. We work with people we like and whom we know we can help. We see ourselves as your partners and are committed to your success.


You are the expert in what you do. We listen to you, document and capture your expertise, define your brand and position you for growth.

Agile Framework

Our proven processes ensure we deliver quality services, consistently. But, we’re also flexible and willing to adapt strategies to address your needs as they evolve.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve. We thrive on knowledge. Our passion for constantly learning drives us to evaluate and adapt our plans and strategies for growth.

Work-life Integration

We spend too much time working not to love what we do. We work hard, get things done when we say will, and have fun doing it.