Women in Marketing in Manufacturing

Peer Strategy Group

Strategy House was founded by Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm, two women who work to empower other women in the manufacturing industry, specifically in marketing related roles. When they recognized there was a need to create an open, safe space for women to talk through ideas, issues, and frustrations they created the WiMiM peer strategy group. 

Through WiMiM, they are able to give back to the community in a way that not only bolsters the industry, but individual women as well. WiMiM serves as a platform, an opportunity for women in manufacturing in marketing to meet, talk and connect. It is a peer-led group that ensures every member of WiMiM feels supported in their roles, and through their struggles. 

WiMiM hosts monthly calls to discuss whatever is on the mind. Though it’s hosted by Katie and Bridgette, it’s really the WiMiM members who control the discussion. Beyond the calls, we host yearly social meet-ups, and quarterly round-table discussions to further connect with one another.


The WiMiM Group Provides:

  • A connection to like-minded peers that will function as your support system
  • Access to experts in both industries: marketing and manufacturing
  • A sounding board for your ideas, frustrations or thoughts
  • Feedback on work initiatives
  • A group to celebrate and grow with! 

If you’re excited about the prospect of having a group that finally understands your challenges, are enthusiastic about improving your processes, and want a sounding board for the work you’re doing, this group was designed for you.