Women in Marketing in Manufacturing (WiMiM) Peer Strategy Group


As a marketer in manufacturing, you’re often the only person in your department and one of a few women at the company. It can be isolating when you don't have a sounding board for feedback, someone to share your successes with and get excited about the latest initiative you’re working on, or the amazing open rate on that email campaign. Or simply someone to commiserate with who understands your industry.

That’s why we created WiMiM, a peer strategy and support group for the women in marketing in manufacturing. WiMiM provides a space to connect with like-minded women in the industry to discuss strategies, initiatives and ideas that will empower you to succeed.

The WiMiM Group Provides:

  • A connection to like-minded peers that will function as your support system
  • Access to experts in both industries: marketing and manufacturing
  • A sounding board for your marketing ideas
  • Feedback on current initiatives and growth plans
  • Strategic direction on key topics

If you’re excited about the prospect of having a group that finally understands your challenges, are enthusiastic about improving your processes, and want a sounding board for the work you’re doing, this group was designed for you. 


Interested in joining WiMiM?

Fill out the application below. Katie will reach out to learn more about your roles and goals.