Nice To Meet You

Nice To
Meet You

Small team, big impact.

We’re a group of thinkers and problem solvers who believe in making the industry a better place for our clients, and for one another.

The Strategy House team is a small, talent-dense group with decades of experience working in branding, and with manufacturers. Through our strategy first work we give you beyond what you can imagine, but exactly what you need.

Katie Felten

Brand Strategist
Nature Lover

Katie is the CEO and co-founder of Strategy House. She has spent years helping businesses leverage digital tools to stay competitive in a modern landscape, and now she uses her expertise to guide manufacturers through transformation. Working alongside executive teams, Katie distills big-picture visions into valuable strategies with tangible results.

When not immersed in her work, Katie enjoys spending time in nature, diving into self-development courses, and getting lost in the dance.

Bridgette Palm

Brand Strategist

Bridgette is the President and co-founder of Strategy House. She has spent more than a decade driving strategic growth through content, and now uses her expertise to bring manufacturers’ visions to life through powerful plans, implementable steps, and compelling stories.

When she’s not working with clients and managing the Strategy House team, she can be found reading, editing, or taking long road trips to explore the United States.

The Strategy House team is a great example of how women succeed in manufacturing.  This almost all-women team excels at helping manufacturing companies define their value propositions, effectively message them to the market, and help leaders launch new products with streamlined impact.”

Christine McMahon

Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach, Christine McMahon & Associates

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